Rechargeable Flashlight with built in DVR Recorder & Camera


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    • Rechargeable Flashlight with built in DVR & Camera
    • HD Video Recording
    • Dual High Bright LEDs
    • Includes Car Holder Mount

    This innovative flashlight has dual high power LED lights with a built-in rechargeable battery. There are discreet pinholes in the front of the flashlight behind the protective glass. One of the pinholes has a hidden camera behind it, ready to take HD quality videos or high resolution photos (in JPG formats) with built-in time-stamp functions.

    The flashlight has 3 buttons on it for turning the light on/off, and for controlling the camera’s photo or video capturing abilities. A small red light indicator confirms recording/standby modes.

    The buttons are unmarked and discreet making it possible for the user to press them without anyone noticing that photos or videos are being taken. 

    This makes it a useful safety item for documenting evidence (e.g. for discretely recording damage in the event of a car accident to protect against any fraudulent lawsuits), or for security purposes (e.g. for police officers, security guards, home inspectors, on-the-field works, and other related personnel), or for capturing adventurous moments (e.g. for outdoor camping enthusiasts)