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Beüler ® Ergonomic Laptop & Tablet Stand


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The new Beuler “Patent Pending” stand can accommodate up to 17” laptops, and tablets of any size (from the 7” standard sizes to 13” iPads). It has a super flat base, designed to easily move under recliners, sofas or bed-legs for perfect positioning and a solid feel. It has dual arms that add flexibility to move computers or tablets in any position the users like. The stand has a built-in shock and hydraulic lifter, making it easy to adjust the position and angle of the stand using one hand only.

The stand was designed and built with the utmost attention to detail and premium quality, with a 100% brushed aluminum finishing with a textured black rubber look. It is designed to look well with modern  contemporary furniture for people with high taste and aesthetics.

The stand comes with a holding mount that allows users to position their tablets over their heads to type while lying down in bed. Kit Includes Laptop and Tablet Mounts.