Computer Monitor / TV Screen, Back Mood Lighting Kit – Bluetooth & Remote


16 Color TV LED lighting strip with remote control & IOS Android App controlled

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  • New Beuler LCD Computer / TV Screen Back Mood Lighting Kit features full color LEDs (RGB), color sweep function, and adjustable brightness control
  • Easy installation! USB port for power! 
  • Controllable with IOS or Android App or RF (Radio Frequency) Remote (Included)
  • (2) 12” LED Light Strips
  • Commercial Grade Adhesive Strip
  • Powered by USB TV Input
  • 16 different colors
  • Dimming, Flashing, or Fade Capability
  • Can extend to 32 ft.

Please note this is not a low cost IR system but a RF remote control kit that will work without having to perfectly aim the remote every time you want to adjust the light settings. With the Smartphone app, you will not need any remote controls. APPS available for IOS and Android Phones.