Slightly ahead of our time
Beüler ®  Launches Most Ergonomic Laptop & iPad stand
The new Beuler stand can accommodate up to 17" laptops and tablets of any size (from the 7" standard sizes to 13" iPads). It has a super flat base, designed to easily move under recliners, sofas or bed-legs for perfect positioning and a solid feel. It has dual arms that add flexibility to move computers or tablets in any position the users like.
 The stand has a built-in shock and hydraulic lifter, making it easy to adjust the position and angle of the stand by using only one hand.
  The unit was designed and built with the utmost attention to detail and premium quality, with a 100% brushed aluminum finish and a textured black rubber look. It is designed to look well with modern contemporary furniture for people with high taste and aesthetics.
  The stand also comes with a  ipad holder that allows users to position their tablets over their heads to watch movies and even type while lying down in bed.  Pat.Pend. 
Beüler ®   Computer / TV Back Mood Lighting   with RF Remote Control
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New Beuler LCD  Computer / TV  Screen Back Mood Lighting Kit features full color leds, color sweep function and adjustable brightness control. Easily installs by just plugging into your USB port for power. Please note this is not a low cost IR system but a RF remote control kit that will work without having to leave exposed unsightly IR eye or having to perfectly aim remote every tme you want to adjust  the light settings.
Beüler ®  Solar Battery Power Pack      So powerful that  It can start your Car !

  The new revolutionary  "Beuler Solar Battery Power Pack" is packed with so much power that it not only can charge you Smartphone or Ipad  numerous times but also start your car with up to 300 Amp power output.

  Unit comes with  3  charging methods, a car charger , AC home charger  and in emergencies you can even charge the battery by its built in duel high efficiency solar panels.


The battery pack has a built in power level indicator, a 2 Amp  output USB to charge Smartphones, iPads and car jumper cables to help you  start your car even when your car battery is fully dead.  The units compact size and  smooth rounded edge design makes it very  easy to  fit in most anyone's pocket.

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Beüler ® Combo Pen & Stylus with Built-in Phone Charger
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  This  Smartphone based pen stylus has a hidden rechargeable battery inside it to charge mobile devices.
    With the size of a regular pen, it features both an ink based pen as well as a stylus. The discreet built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery can charge a Smartphone to give 2 hours of extra talk time for situations where other chargers are not available, making it a perfect companion for people on-the-go.
   Users can take off the top cap and plug the standard USB to any USB charger or laptop for about 2 hours to fully charge the battery. A hidden blue LED light beneath the metal clip indicates when the battery is fully charged.
   The pen has a charging micro USB connector built inside it, that can directly plug into Android Smart-phones without requiring users to carry any other cables, and making the experience completely mobile and hassle-free.
   The pen also has a built-in adaptor to directly charge iPhones. With its capabilities and ergonomics, this pen truly feels like something out of a Bond movie.